Tummy Time Tips

Tummy Time

Every baby loves tummy time, right? Maybe if you’re lucky! But for most parents, tummy time starts with crying, fussing and one uncomfortable, unhappy baby. Wouldn’t it be great if you could help baby during this wonderful stage of development?

Oh no! What to do? Well, let’s have a little fun! One of the best ways to keep Baby occupied is to entertain and distract. And who wants to spend tummy time on a plain carpet? Why not spruce it up a bit, and save yourself some stress, with one of our tummy time toys? We wanted to make the tummy time more fun, for babies and parents. That’s why we make toys that entertain baby and make time fly by. Every opportunity for growth and development, even if Baby fusses at first, is what we have in mind.

If you’re looking for some pointers, start with these tips:

Start Early. Start Slow.
You can start tummy time right from birth, or you can wait a few weeks for the umbilical cord stump to fall off. Start slow with only a couple minutes a day, and then adjust accordingly per session, eventually getting to 15-20 minutes per session.

Make Baby feel like you’re working too.
Go ahead and get on the floor, make some noise, and play with Baby!

Timing is everything
Don’t plan tummy time when your baby is hangry or just plain tired. This will likely result in no progression, and unnecessary tears (and yes, the baby may cry too).

Toy Recommendations

We wish you the best of luck during this stage of development! Be sure to check out our awesome tummy time toys to help entertain baby.

Owl Busy Buddy Blanket
Owl Busy Buddy Blanket

Butterfly Busy Buddy Blanket

Fill ‘n Fun Water Play Mat
Fill ‘n Fun Water Play Mat

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