tokidoki Donutella Moving Hat (Light Up)

  • $24.90

Soft plush character hat in Donutella. Squeeze the mini airbags on handles and push the light buttons - watch as Donutella's donut ears dance in lights!

- Embroidered donut face, ears and handle details
- moving ears activated by squeezing the air-bags within handle
- LED lights with multiple lighting modes activated by on-off button (read below on how to activate the lights for the first time).  
- One size fits most

*Care Instructions*
Stay clear of rough, uneven surfaces or sharp objects and avoid friction to avoid scuffs on logo. Do not wash (battery within). 

*Please note*
There is a protective slip within the handle (under the star embroidery, near the on-off button for the lights) that needs to be removed for the lights to function. If this film is not removed, the lights will not function. This is to ensure battery is conserved before sale of the product for maximum user satisfaction.

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